Hunter Wade, co-founder


Hunter Wade comes to the cider business naturally,

so to speak. During his childhood raising grass-fed beef on his family’s Maryland ranch, Hunter watched his grandmothers create homemade wines with the fresh flavors of rhubarb, dandelion, blackberry and strawberry. Understanding the flavor of freshness first hand, he honed his fermenting skills with guidance from his Uncle “Bunk.” 

After a brief departure to study music performance and composition at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, he spent two years abroad in Spain. Hunter returned with a deep appreciation for the culinary culture of Europe, an appreciation of Spanish Cider, and an internationally educated palate.

Hunter found California to embue many of the same culinary qualities as Europe and made his way west. He met Jolie Devoto in a yoga class in San Francisco. Their union was meant to be, with their understanding of cultivating life from the land. Jolie’s decades-long family legacy of growing organic, heirloom apples in Sonoma County paired perfectly with Hunter’s appreciation for the hard apple ciders of Spain’s Basque Country. Together, they sought to recreate the strong following cider enjoys overseas, while bringing America’s original beverage of choice back into the national spotlight by showcasing the rare apples found in Jolie’s family orchards. 

With the flourishing success of their more elegant Devoto Orchards cider brand came the idea for a new endeavor – one that celebrates the west coast mentality of adventurous spirit and laid-back attitude. For this, Hunter and his wife bought a canning line and Golden State Cider was born. 

Though his roots are firmly planted in the farm, Hunter’s musical passions continue to play a prominent role in his professional ventures. A piano and guitar are always on hand in the Golden State Cider offices, ready for impromptu brainstorming sessions.