8.4% Alc./Vol • DRY & UNFILTERED

Experience Apple Terroir OF Santa Cruz county, CA

Single Varietal Ciders are unique in their ability to capture an experience based around a specific variety of apple from a specific time and place. This cider is 100% Newtown Pippin harvested in 2017 from Five Mile Orchards located in the Pajaro Valley of CA.

The drier climate of the Pajaro Valley leads to the concentration of aromatics lending intense, rich notes of Honey, Melon, Lemon, Lime and Grassy Meadows.

On the palate the mouthfeel is full, yet crisp, likely due to the cool marine air that flows through the valley at night. Rich flavors of caramelized honey, apple skin, peppercorns and apple brandy in tandem with an 8.4% ABV, lend a perceived touch of sweetness to this bone dry cider. Fine bubbly effervescence coarse through this brilliantly golden liquid, inviting you to truly experience the Newtown Pippin.


Available for just a couple months in CA and OR.